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In Turin not only there is an Organizing Committee "Toroc", but also a fully public agency "Agenzia Torino 2006" created with State Law n. 285/2000. 

You guess: why? Wouldn't be the Organizing Committee itself able to...organize the "games"? 

Response: Not at all.

And that's why: Toroc - a private foundation - needs hundreds of millions of dollars of the Italian State to be spent in building the sport facilities, the athlete's and media villages, the roads, the motorways, the infrasctructures...
If you have a look at the OVERALL expenditures for the "XX Winter Olympic Games - Torino 2006", you will see that only a VERY SMALL PERCENTAGE is covered by the Organizing Committee with "its" private fundings (TV rights' share coming from the IOC, sponsor's share coming from the IOC...merchandising, ticket sales...).

For the remaining, the predominant, huge remaining, as usual, the BIG CHECK is paid by the public, by  the citizens, by the italian taxpayers;

now, since for the italian laws a private body as Toroc cannot formally manage all of those investments (around, at present, 2002, 1.200 $ millions) they created this public agency, and look at how toroc describes the link between them:

Two distinct but closely linked situations: the TOROC presents the operational plan (location, priorities and technical and functional characteristics) that Turin Agency 2006 has to accomplish”.

So in the truth by State Law 285/2000 Toroc (a private organization - by contract a kind of "local representative" of the IOC, another private, foreign organization!-) has the power to head a public italian body indicating the "Agenzia Torino 2006" what and where to build.


1-IOC, private, Swiss, modifies the contract's rules when and how it desires, heading 
2-TOROC, private, Italian, obeys to IOC  and orders its wishes to
3-AGENZIA TORINO 2006, public, Italian, the executor.

Who controls the moves of Agenzia Torino 2006?

Amongst other institutional bodies the Law 285/2000 has built a "Comitato di alta sorveglianza e garanzia", an autonomous and independent Board of control...
...hmmm...let's see who appointed its members: one of them was indicated by the Italian Minister of Public Works ...and two of them...by the Organizing Committee, Toroc!! 


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