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IOC: International Olympic Committee
Headquarters:  Chateau de Vidy, Switzerland
Legal status: Private, non lucrative, recognized association
Powers: The IOC virtually controls every International  Sport Federation, and detains every right upon the "Games of the Olympiad" and the "Olympic Winter Games".
Administration: Sort of Parliament, but real decisions are taken into the Executive Committee, 15 members
How do I become an IOC member? pYou'll have to be taken inside, invited, by the IOC President
Members: 131. (85% men).
Italian members: Giovanni Agenlli, Mario Pescante, Franco Carraro, Ottavio Cinquanta, Manuela Di Centa.

And now, what about some of them?

Juan Antonio Samaranch
Current IOC President is Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch-Torello, spaniard, he's  80.
He has a wonderful past: blue-shirt falangist, fascist dictator Franco's minister and later Catalunya president; Opus Dei member.
Go to precise, open-minded Andrew Jennings's pages  to know more

Mohamad Bob Hasan
One of the worst forest loggers in the world: click here to know him

Henry Kissinger
Don't you remember about him and Pinochet, him and Videla&Massera? He deserves life-in-prison!
And there are people now struggling to take out from him the Nobel Peace Prize of 1973: click here to sign the campaign! 

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