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TOROC means "Torino Organizing Committee"., it's a Foundation created by the Turin City Council and the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) in december 1999.

Toroc has to respect the hard rules of the Host City Contract signed wth the IOC and the CONI together with the Turin Major, now TOROC President, and the Olympic Charter.

Toroc will work in Italy also by putting out its orders to "Agenzia Torino 2006" a public institution created to spend the olympic money for the venues, and build them.

So the IOC and Toroc, two private insitutions, have compulsory powers towards a public insitution...we cannot accept this!

Who's inside Toroc?'ve to know that Turin is pretty a strange city, it seems that here everything cannot work without members of a certain family: is that true? let's see if..starting with 

Mrs.Evelina Christillin (Vice-president): she's friend of Giovanni Agnelli, Honour President of Fiat Group...and she's the wife of Mr. Gabriele Galateri di Genola e Suniglia, one of the most powerful men inside the Fiat Group.

Dr.Tiziana Nasi, (Paralympics), descending from the Agnelli family is President of Sestrieres S.p.A., the firm which runs the most part of the skilifts, chairlifts and runs of ski resort "La Via Lattea", where the predominant part of the olympic will be held...

  Valentino Castellani president
  Evelina Christillin vicepresident
  Rinaldo Bontempi vicepresident
  Giovanni Petrucci vicepresident and CONI President
  Bruno Rambaudi vicepresident
  Francesco Jaime  Sestriere mayor
  Raffaele Pagnozzi C.O.N.I. Secretary


  Valentino Castellani 
  Evelina Christillin 
  Giovanni Petrucci 
  Bruno Rambaudi   
  Mario Pescante IOC Member
  Raffaele Pagnozzi
  Franco Carraro  IOC Member
  Ottavio Cinquanta  IOC Member
  Manuela Di Centa  IOC Member
  Carlo Valentino
  Giancarlo Bolognini
  Antonio Vernole
  Franco Corsico 
  Giuseppe Bracco
  Enzo Ghigo
  William Casoni 
  Mercedes Bresso
  Giuseppe Gamba
  Giuseppe Pichetto
  Franco Capra
  Rinaldo Bontempi
  Alberto Barbero
  Francesco Jaime
  Stefania Belmondo
  Alberto Tomba 
  Ettore Racchelli 
  Silvana Accossato 
  Giuseppe De Maria 


  Paolo Rota, who has worked in the past for Fiat

Honour President

 Giovanni Agnelli 


  The Toroc headquarters are based in the "Lingotto", former Fiat industrial plant

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